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In February 2019, Grace Immanuel Bible Church will be hosting our ninth Ekklesia/Courageous Churchmen conference in Jupiter, FL. As many of you know, the Courageous Churchmen conference is open to all pastors/elders, and pastors in training, while the Ekklesia conference is open to all.

For those of you who plan on attending the Courageous Churchmen pre-conference, please note that this year the conference will held on Tuesday, February 5th and conclude on Thursday, February 7th. This should give many of the pastors time to be ready for their weekend services.

Ekklesia will begin on Friday, February 8th and conclude on Sunday, February 10th.

Here is a preview of the topics that will be covered in 2019:

Courageous Churchmen: February 5-7
The Pastor in the Pulpit

  • The Anatomy of a Passionless Sermon
  • Preparing Your Own Heart for the Pulpit
  • Avoiding Hypocrisy in Your Preaching
  • What Makes a Man a Useful Vessel in the Pulpit
  • Why Men Deviate in Their Study
  • How to Protect your Study Time and Avoid the Distractions that Come in Our Information Age
  • Why Some Men Can Skillfully Draw Out Implications and Others Cannot
  • Preaching the Divinely-Intended Meaning and Structure of the Text
  • How a Hypocritical Heart Ruins His Hearers
  • How to Make Sure You Are Faithful In-Season and Out of Season